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Synapsis Seed Sales Fundraising

Synapsis raises funds to facilitate and enhance experiential learning in Plant Breeding and Genetics at Cornell. Every Spring, Synapsis offers seed packets of select cultivars that have been developed by the department’s own breeding programs. These cultivars are not only unique and delicious, they are disease-resistant and high yielding in upstate New York and beyond. All vegetable cultivars are the products of conventional plant breeding; they are NOT genetically engineered.

Seed packet of salt and pepper cucumbers

Current varieties for sale include:

Where to Purchase

All seed packets are $3.00 each for 30 seeds and are only available on the Cornell Campus at the following locations:

Additional Information on Cultivars

  • Honeynut, Sweet REBA, Success PM, Greenfinger, and PMR Delicious 51 are Certified Organic seeds supplied by High Mowing Organic Seeds.
  • Hannah’s Choice is supplied by Seneca Vegetable Research, Inc.
  • Salt and Pepper is supplied by Johnny’s Selected Seeds and is Certified Organic.

For additional information on how to grow the vegetables, please visit the Cornell Vegetable Growing Guides

If you have any questions, please contact us at