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The secret to a really crisp apple

Mar 6, 2017
“When apples are mealy, the cells split apart from each other when you bite into the fruit, whereas with crisp fruits the cells rupture and release juice,” said Susan Brown, an expert in apple breeding at Cornell University who has helped develop several varieties. Read more

Coffman Named Tisch Distinguished University Professor

Dec 6, 2016
Ronnie Coffman, International Professor of Plant Breeding at Cornell and director of International Programs (IP-CALS), has been named the Andrew H. and James S. Tisch Distinguished University Professor at Cornell. It is the university’s highest distinction awarded to a faculty member.

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Dr. Steve Tanksley win the Japan Prize

May 4, 2016
Steven D. Tanksley, a molecular geneticist who pioneered concepts essential to modern plant breeding while a professor at Cornell University, has won the prestigious Japan Prize. The award recognizes his development of molecular genetic analysis and contribution to the stable production of food crops.  

To see more on the life of Steven D. Tankley, please see his Japan Prize biography.   Read more

Michael Gore receives MGEC 2016 Early Career Maize Genetics Research Award

May 4, 2016
The MGEC is pleased to present the 2016 Early Career Maize Genetics Research award to Dr. Michael Gore. Dr. Gore received a BS and MS from Virginia Tech and performed his PhD research with Dr. Ed Buckler at Cornell University. Dr. Gore began his independent research career at the USDA Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center in Maricopa AZ 2009-2013 and then moved to the Plant Breeding and Genetics program at Cornell University as an Associate Professor in 2013. Dr. Gore has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of diversity and quantitative trait analysis in maize. He has a research program on basic and applied aspects of provitamin A carotenoid and vitamin E content in maize grain and is very active in the development and application of field-based plant phenotyping systems. He has received the National Association of Plant Breeders Early Career Scientist award in 2012 and the American Society of Plant Biologists Early Career award in 2013. Read more

Feeding the World through Plant Breeding and Genetics

Apr 28, 2016
Ariel Chan, a graduate student at Cornell University, discusses how advances in plant breeding and genetics are essential to secure the world's food supply in the face of growing human population and climate change. This video was created for the National Science Foundation's Create the Future Video Contest. Permission to use this video provided by NSF and Ariel Chan.  Read more

Feeding chickens red peppers to make red eggs

Mar 8, 2016
Barber spoke of the process with researcher Michael Mazourek during Season 1 Episode 2 of Chef’s Table on Netflix (at the 39-minute mark), where he visited the Vegetable Research Farm at at Cornell University.
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Butternut, meet Honeynut

Mar 8, 2016
Try a New Breed
Butternut, meet the Honeynut. With twice the flavor and nutrients at half the size, this new squash variety, developed by Cornell plant breeder Michael Mazourek with help from Barber himself, is not only adorable, it’s the future of produce.  Read more

Growing rye for malting

Feb 25, 2016
by Tamara Scully
Cereal grains are no longer regulated to commodity grain markets or cover crop use. Instead, they are in demand by the growing population of craft maltsters and brewers, and are fueling the growth of this rapidly emerging market. Read more