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A new approach to detecting unintended changes in GM foods

Apr 3, 2014
In the March 2014 issue of The Plant Genome, adjunct assistant professor Owen Hoekenga and his team compare the “metabolome” of a genetically modified (GM) tomato and those of a wide assortment of garden, heirloom, and other non-GM varieties and found no significant differences overall between the GM and non-GM fruit. Read more

GMOs: Misconceptions and Concerns

Jun 28, 2013
There are many misconceptions surrounding the controversial issue of genetically modified foods. Kathryn Boor, Dean of CALS, and Margaret Smith, Professor of Plant Breeding & Genetics, distinguish fact from fiction. Read more
cassava roots

Cassava database becomes open access

May 6, 2013
The $25.2 million Next Generation Cassava Breeding project at Cornell has released a database that features all the breeding data on cassava for open access data sharing. Read more