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Frank Shotkoski

Frank Shotkoski

Adjunct Professor

306 Rice Hall
(607) 255-6357

Frank Shotkoski has 20 years of academic and industrial experience in both agriculture and medical biotechnology. Dr. Shotkoski is currently the Director of the Agriculture Biotechnology Support Project II (ABSPII), a USAID/Cornell University cooperative effort with a mandate to introduce agriculture biotechnology to developing countries. Before joining Cornell University, Dr. Shotkoski held the position as Global Cotton Traits Technical Manager with Syngenta where he built a cotton biotechnology research program that resulted in the development of trait-based products. Prior to joining Syngenta, Dr. Shotkoski held the position of Research Fellow at the University of Washington Department of Medical Genetics where he conducted research on human gene therapy applications for the treatment of hematopoietic diseases. He also has a postdoctoral experience from the department of Entomology at the University of Wisconsin. His Ph.D. is from the University of Minnesota and his Master of Science and undergraduate work was done at the University of Nebraska.

Outreach and Extension Focus

ABSPII is a USAID-funded consortium of public and private sector institutions that supports scientists, regulators, extension workers, farmers and the general public in developing countries to make informed decisions about agricultural biotechnology. Where demand exists, ABSPII focuses on the safe and effective development and commercialization of bio-engineered crops as a complement to traditional and organic agricultural approaches. The project helps boost food security, economic growth, nutrition and environmental quality in East and West Africa, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines.