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Graduate Student Directory

Research Group: Michael Gore
Improvement of nutritional quality in sweet corn. Conducting a genome-wide association study to identify genes and favorable alleles responsible for quantitative variation of grain carotenoid and tocochromanol levels in a sweet corn diversity panel.
Craig Carlson
Research Group: Larry Smart (Lab)
Plant breeding and genetics of shrub willow (Salix spp.) for use as a dedicated bioenergy feedstock; particularly, the genomic basis of triploid heterosis.
Philip Kear
Research Group: Margaret Smith
Nutritional enhancement of maize as a sustainable method of targeting the malnourished in developing countries. My current research topic will use an ionomic profiling system to identify the genetic factors that determine the maize grain ionome in multiple environments in parallel to genome wide association studies to identify micronutrient-related QTL.
Jaebum Park
Research Group: Walter De Jong
The recent development of the SolCAP SNP chip, which simultaneously interrogates 8303 SNPs for polymorphism, makes QTL mapping possible in 4x potato. Studying to make  QTL maps for chip color, specific gravity, and resistance to pathotype Ro2 of the golden cyst nematode using the population from  a cross between 4x clones NY121 (Ro2 resistant) and NY115 (excellent chip color form cold storage) with the SolCAP SNP chip.
Chris Songsomboon
Research Group: Don Viands
The aim of the research is to breed switchgrass, which is a biomass crop for an alternative energy, to be resistant to disease caused by Bipolaris oryzae via recurrent phenotypic selections. Also, genome-wide association with resistance to Bipolaris leaf spot will provide an in-dept view of resistance mechanism.
Research Group: Margaret Smith
I've spent the last two years learning about Crops Improvement techniques and my research (Diallel Analysis of corn hybrids at different level of disease resistance and development of a selection Index method based on production outcomes and responses to Anthracnose stalk rot (Colletotrichum graminicola (Ces.) Wils.) is focused on the development and study of new corn materials adapted to NY environment.  

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