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Graduate Student Directory

Research Group: Martha Mutschler-Chu
I study the genetics of bacterial and fungal disease resistance in tomato, and I work to develop resistant cultivars that are adapted to our difficult Northeast growing conditions
Research Group: Michael Gore
Improvement of nutritional quality in sweet corn. Conducting a genome-wide association study to identify genes and favorable alleles responsible for quantitative variation of grain carotenoid and tocochromanol levels in a sweet corn diversity panel.
Research Group: Margaret Smith
My research focuses on understanding multiple disease resistance trait in maize. I have mapped dQTLs (disease quantitative trait loci) for three maize diseases; northern leaf blight, gray leaf spot and Stewart’s wilt in a biparental mapping population. I am working on an RNA Seq. project to understand multiple disease resistance in greenhouse and field conditions. I am passionate about science communication and policy related to biotechnology and quantitative genetics. I am passionate about education and teaching and have done some research related to statistics education in undergraduate biology classes. In my free time I like to play recreational pickup basketball and table tennis.
Research Group: Ed Buckler (Lab)
Mapping freezing tolerance QTL in Tripsacum. De novo assembly of Andropogoneae (warm season grass) genomes using long-read sequencing technologies.
Research Group: Margaret Smith
I've spent the last two years learning about Crops Improvement techniques and my research (Diallel Analysis of corn hybrids at different level of disease resistance and development of a selection Index method based on production outcomes and responses to Anthracnose stalk rot (Colletotrichum graminicola (Ces.) Wils.) is focused on the development and study of new corn materials adapted to NY environment.