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Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen

Senior Research Associate

101 Love Lab
(607) 255-5043

I conduct research on plant breeding for forage, bioenergy and hemp crops, including evaluation trials for yield and other agronomic characteristics.

Research Focus

I conduct research on forage crops, bioenergy feedstock crops and hemp. Research involves variety development and genetic improvement, variety and germplasm evaluation, and research collaborations with other institutions.
As a part of the Forage Breeding Project research team, I work on seven major research objectives: 1) yield and quality evaluation of experimental forage populations developed in the Cornell Forage breeding program, 2) yield and quality evaluation of forage varieties from seed companies marketing in the Northeast, 3) research on breeding for improved forage quality in alfalfa, and 4) cooperative research with NE-1710 Regional Research Project 5) research and breeding for resistance to potato leafhopper (PLH), alfalfa snout beetle, and brown root rot in alfalfa 6) bioenergy feedstock research on switchgrass and 7) hemp variety trials and breeding.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Outreach activities are reports and websites of forage yield trials results including the Cornell Guide for Integrated Field Crop Management, and presentations at symposiums and meetings organized by extension educators, seedsmen, and by other Cornell faculty. The constituents served are producers, extension educators, and seedsmen. The impact of the outreach activities is to provide data on and encourage use of new forage varieties and new genetic traits available in forage varieties on NY farms. In addition, hemp trials were shown at field days and factsheets were developed.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Fike, J. H., Pease, J. W., Owens, V. N., Farris, R. L., Hansen, J. L., Heaton, E. A., Hong, C. O., Mayton, H. S., Mitchell, R. B., & Viands, D. R. (2017). Switchgrass nitrogen response and estimated production costs on diverse sites. Global Change Biology, Bioenergy. 9:1526-1542.
  • Viands, D. R., Hansen, J. L., & Crawford, J. L. (2012). Registration of 'Ezra' alfalfa. Journal of Plant Registrations. 6:225-228.
  • Li, X., Wei, Y., Moore, K., Michaud, R., Viands, D. R., Hansen, J. L., Acharya, A., & Brummer, E. C. (2011). Association Mapping of Biomass Yield and Stem Composition in a Tetraploid Alfalfa Breeding Population<br>. The Plant Genome. 4:1-12.
  • Miller-Garvin, J. E., Hansen, J. L., Ehlke, N. J., Papadopoulos, Y. A., Smith, R. R., Bergstrom, G. C., Wunsch, M. J., Kalb, D. W., Tillapaugh, B. P., Crawford, J. L., & Viands, D. R. (2011). Improving Birdsfoot Trefoil for Resistance to Fusarium Wilt. Crop Science. 51:585-591.
  • Fonseca, C. L., Viands, D. R., Hansen, J. L., & Pell, A. N. (1999). Associations among forage quality traits, vigor, and disease resistance in alfalfa. Crop Science. 39:1271-1276.
  • Fonseca, C. L., Hansen, J. L., Thomas, E. M., Pell, A. N., & Viands, D. R. (1999). Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy prediction and heritability of neutral detergent-soluble fiber in alfalfa. Crop Science. 39:1265-1270.
  • Hansen, J. L., & Viands, D. R. (1989). Response from phenotypic recurrent selection for root regeneration after taproot severing in alfalfa. Crop Science. 29:1177-1181.

Book Sections

  • Hansen, J. L., & Viands, D. R. (2017). Forage Varieties. p. 83-90 2018 Cornell Guide for Integrated Field Crops Management Bill Cox and Jenn Thomas-Murphy (ed.), Cornell Cooperative Extension, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.


  • Crawford, R., Salon, P., Crawford, J., Hansen, J. L., Hoffman, L., Bonos, S., & Viands, D. R. (2017). Overview of NEWBio Switchgrass Breeding Group Accomplishments, 2013-2017. Mid-Atlantic Bioenergy Council, University Park, PA United States .
  • Crawford, R., Salon, P., Crawford, J., Hansen, J. L., Hoffman, L., Bonos, S., Hall, M., & Viands, D. R. (2017). Fiber and Mineral Composition of Selected Switchgrass Half-Sibs on High Clay and Reclaimed Mine Land Sites. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE.

Presentations and Activities

  • Perennial Grass Feedstock Production on Wetness-Prone Marginal Soils in New York. Switchgrass V International Conference: Dedicated Energy Crops and Native Grasses for the Emerging Bioeconomy. July 2019. University of Illinois. Urbana, IL.
  • Untapped Potential: Bioenergy Production on Marginal Lands of NY and the Northeast. Northeast Region Certified Crop Advisor Annual Training Meeting. December 2015. NRCCA/ASA/NYS. Syracuse, NY.
  • Development of Gall Midge Susceptible and Resistant Cave-in-Rock Switchgrass Populations. Switchgrass III. October 2015. Knoxville, TN.
  • Marginal Lands and Bioenergy. NEWBio Project Webinar Series. November 2014. NEWBio.
  • Development of sustainable perennial grass bioenergy on marginal soils of New York. Perennial Bioenergy Feedstock Tour and Persentation. July 2014. USDA-NRCS Big Flats Plant Materials Center. Big Flats, NY.
  • Effect of fertilization on N2O emissions from a marginal soil used for perennial grass bioenergy production. EGU General Assembly Conference. April 2014. European Geosciences Union. Vienna, Austria.
  • Second generation bioenergy production on marginal lands of NY & the Northeast. 2014 Northeast Biomass Heating Expo. April 2014. Portland, Maine.
  • Grass for Bioenergy. Class in BEE 6940. February 2014. Cornell . Ithaca.
  • Grass for Bioenergy. Class in BEE 6940. February 2013. Cornell . Ithaca.