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Kandukuri Raman


Adjunct Professor & Associate Director (Special Projects)

306 B 75 Mann Library
(607) 327-3336

My experience includes working in the area of International Agriculture and Rural Development. I am the course coordinator for IARD 402 and 602. The 602 course involves a field trip to India. I am also involved in implementing several special projects in the area of agricultural biotechnology, capacity building, curriculum development and agri-business in many developing nations.

Research Focus

My research interests have focused on topics important to international agriculture. From 1977-1992, emphasis was on developing and implementing potato and sweet potato integrated pest management programs in developing countries. Those efforts were in close collaboration with the faculty in the Cornell potato breeding and pest management program. From 1993-1996, I worked as the AmeriCenter Director for International Service for Acquisition of Agri Biotech Applications (ISAAA) on the safe transfer of proprietary applications in plant biotechnology available in the North to developing countries in the South.After From 1996 to date I have been a coordinator of two courses titled: Agriculture in Developing Nations 402 and 602. The 602 course involves a field trip to India. As Associate Director of Special Projects I manage and implement projects in Asia; Africa and Latin America

Outreach and Extension Focus

Teach courses in International Agriculture and Rural Development (Agriculture in Developing Nations I and II courses--IARD 4020/6020);
Executive Education in Food and Agribusiness Management Program; Seed Industry Program; ; Implement all project activities of all donor funded special projects in South Asia; Africa. Supervise student problem-solving project papers and thesis; coordinate Cornell-in-India programs and potato late blight research in Mexico

Teaching Focus

Coordinator of IARD 402/602 with field trip to Myanmar

Coordinator of two courses IARD 402 and IARD 602 "Agriculture in Developing Nations I and II

Students interested in development issues related to food- poverty- malnutrition- finance - gender and equity are the ones who enroll in this course

Presentations and Activities

  • Global Seed Sector; Advances in Crop Biotechnology. Seed Industry Development. January 2012. Turkey Seed Association / Sathguru. Turkey and India.