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Steven D. Tanksley

Steven D. Tanksley

Professor Emeritus

Emerson Hall, Room 240
(607) 844-3442

I am a molecular geneticist who focuses on using the tools of genomics to better improve the genetic improvement of crop plants. I am involved in applying the new tools of genomics research to the technology of improving the genetic of crop plants. My research involves discovering the function of gene key for crop improvement, as well as identifying new and useful genes from the wild relatives of crop plants. I also disseminate these finding through teaching at Cornell and through worldwide travel / symposiums.

Research Focus

Plant breeding is a very old and fundamental science, but is rapidly changing due to technology inputs from genomics. I have always been interested in the intersection of molecular genetics/genomics and crop improvement. By working in this intersection, I am hoping to both expedite the genetic improvement of plants and work toward sustainable exploitation of genetic resources in agriculture.

Instruction Focus

I also disseminate the finding from my research in plant breeding through teaching at Cornell and through worldwide travel / symposiums.

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