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Management and Production of Switchgrass

Research is ongoing to select grass varieties that prove to be most conducive to New York's soil and climate. In addition, seeding rates, herbicide use, disease control and harvest schedules of perennial grasses are being explored to increase biofeedstock producer's success.

Production of warm season perennial grass field crops for dedicated use as bioenergy crops has the potential to increase revenue for New York State’s agricultural industry and transportation sectors, make use of idle farmland, and expand options to the livestock industry for manure management. The experience and research base with production of these crops in New York is limited.  Developments and breakthroughs in biofuel conversion technology by government, industry, and academic researchers are also happening rapidly; therefore, informative fact sheets are being developed and made available to New York residents through Cornell Cooperative Extension offices, field day demonstrations, and this web-site on a continuing basis over the course of the project.