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Multistate Project NE-1010

Breeding and Genetics of Forage Crops to Improve Productivity, Quality, and Industrial Uses

Multistate Project NE-1010 is a cooperative research project among perennial forage breeders in North America. There are three main objectives:

  1. Evaluate new plant characters and develop germplasm and cultivars with these characters to improve perennial forage species as livestock feed and biofuel uses to enhance rural vitality and promote more secure energy sources.
  2. Build on previous research to evaluate additional breeding methods for improving yield and persistence of alfalfa, red clover, orchardgrass, and other forage species to make production agriculture more economical and sustainable.
  3. Evaluate new experimental populations and cultivars of perennial forage species for characteristics necessary for breeders, seed companies, seed and forage producers, and crop consultants to make decisions on commercial use over large regions.

Research Project Descriptions


Surya Acharya (LRC, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)
Brian Baldwin (Mississippi State Univ.)
Bill Biligetu (SRC, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)
Arvid Boe (South Dakota State Univ.)
Charlie Brummer (UC Davis)
Mike Casler (USDA-ARS, Madison, WI)
Yves Castonguay (AAFC, St. Foy, Quebec, QC)
Annie Claessens (AAFC, St. Foy, Quebec, QC)
Bruce Coulman (SRC, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)
Nancy Ehlke (Univ. Minnesota)
Michael Fitzner (USDA-CSREES)
Andy Hopkins (Noble Foundation)
Zulfi Jahnufer (AgResearch, NZ )
Nitya Khanal (SRC, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)
Maria Monteros (Noble Foundation)
Jesse Morrison (Mississippi State Univ.)
Ivan Mott (USDA-ARS)
Yousef Papadopoulos (CLRC, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)
Michael Peel (FRRL, USDA-ARS)
Tim Phillips (Univ. of Kentucky)
Heathcliffe Riday (USDA-ARS, WI)
Joseph Robins (USDA-ARS)
Donn Vellekson (Univ. of Minnesota)
Don Viands (Admin. Advisor, Cornell Univ.)

Additional Information

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