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Faculty and Staff

Mark SorrellsMark E. Sorrells, Professor of Plant Breeding




David Benscher, Research Support Specialist


WheatAlvina Gul, Visiting Scientist




Shantel A Martinez, Postdoctoral Associate

Identifying preharvest sprouting tolerance in Northeast wheat through genomic prediction and dormancy gene fine mapping.



Graduate Students

Wheat PlotsMargaret Krause

Integrating aerial high-throughput phenotyping and genomic selection in bread wheat.



Barley rowsKarl Kunze




Shitaye MegerssaShitaye Megerssa

QTL mapping for stem rust resistance in durum wheat population.



Travis RooneyTravis Rooney

I work to make maize cropping systems more efficient by breeding for low inputs; incorporating a holistic view with the end use in mind. Currently I am developing populations to select upon and on developing breeding methods. I am also working with Fast Flowering Mini Maize and modern ExPVP maize inbreds to develop a variety of Mini Maize whose characteristics match more closely those of the modern heterotic groups for use as a model organism.


Dan SweeneyDan Sweeney

Genomics-assisted breeding for disease resistance and malting quality in two-row spring malting barley



Ellie TaagenEllie Taagen

Fine-mapping grain weight and shape QTL in spring wheat using heterogeneous inbred families developed from the W7984 x Opata RIL population.



Undergraduate Students

Jonathan Berlingeri

Elizabeth De Meyer

J. Edward Keating

Tess Khan

Marlie Lukach

Veronika Vogel




Technical Assistants

James TanakaJames Tanaka [LinkedIn]: Laboratory and Greenhouse Manager




Amy FoxAmy Fox




Past Lab Members

  • Nicolas Santantonio, Graduate Student
  • Jesse Chavez, Technician
  • Itaraju Brum, Graduate Student
  • Jin Sun, Post Doctoral Associate
  • Jafar Jafarzadeh, Graduate Student
  • Lynn Veenstra, Graduate Student
  • John Shiffer - Technical Assistant
  • Hugues Barbier, Post Doctoral Associate
  • Gracia Montilla-Bascon, Post Doctoral Associate
  • Julio Isidro-Sanchez, Post Doctoral Associate